AHalloweenValentine - DRAFT 04_edited.jpg
Puzzles, Pop-songs, and Puns!

A Halloween Valentine is a puzzle-adventure pop album set in a haunted amusement park on Valentine's Day.


Solve logic puzzles while bopping along to original songs with lyrics to find the way back to the love of your life!

  • A myriad of logic puzzles akin to those in Zelda games

  • 10-track pop album soundtrack by Monster Mansion

  • A spooky amount of puns!

  • An adorable and charming 3D art style

  • Comedic dialogue and characters

  • A queer love story

  • Up to 3 hours of playtime


Interact with a full album of original pop tunes from synth-pop artist Monster Mansion, including collaborations with K-Pop writers Alina Smith (Itzy, Chung-Ha, Red Velvet) and ENIJAE (Lightsum).

Monster Mansion is the solo music project from Things For Humans' Creative Director Jacob Leaney.

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